by eric chevrier

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small businesses

Tailor Made

On one hand there are many free or inexpensive web solutions for amateurs, hobbyists, and unmotivated professionals. On the other hand large businesses and enterprises can use the services of software shops who can build massive but very expensive internet solutions.

The Middle Ground

Serious professionals and small businesses find themselves in an awkward spot between these two solutions. This is my sweet spot. Let's talk and determine how I can deliver the features and design you really need and want but nothing more. At a fair and reasonable price.

designed to your or
your business

Dialogue Based Development

A strong web presence consists in numerous small decisions. I'll suggest options, outlining the pros and cons for each, and you can make the decisions fully aware of the trade-offs.

At times I will implement solutions and we can then discuss how you relate to them in order to remove or modify my recommendations.

It goes without saying that you will have the final say for each decision. In any case every feature and the project as a whole will only be considered done once you are fully satisfied.


Fully Integrated Solution

There are many elements to a successful website. I'll provide or assist you with all these and more:

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Acquiring Visitors

Building and publishing your website is only half the battle. The second half consists in building an audience. I can also help you grow your audience via any of the following means:

web consulting

Knowledge Is Power

This online world, the internet, is moving at breakneck speed. The rate of change is such that one does not have any chance to keep up with the opportunities and downsides offered by the different technologies unless one invests a large amount of time keeping up with the evolution.

Free Starter

When we first establish contact it's customary to have a 30 minute to two hour video chat to discuss your needs, your wants and the different possibilities. This is of course free of charge.

I can also offer more in-depth consulting for a fee. You benefit by 'downloading' my experience to your specific use case.


I created my first website in the spring of 1995 and published it in July of that year. It was a very basic static site. As they all were back then. It was at that time that I first got familiar with the HTML markup.

In 2005 I coded my first real dynamic, database-powered website. I had experimented a bit with the PHP language before but things really took off for me when I started learning the Ruby language and the Rails framework. Little by little I gained proficiency and experience with related technologies such as CSS, javascript, server administration, etc.


There are many aspects to a successful website presence besides programming and web design. I consider life's meaning to constantly learn and the last 25 years enabled me to explore a whole lot of related disciplines such as:


Request a Cost Estimate

There is no such thing as a fixed cost for a standard website. On one end of the spectrum you can make one yoursef for free using template-based services available online. At the other end of the spectrum large enterprises dedicate annual budgets of 6 figures and above.

Fairness To Both Sides

Together, in a video chat, we can determine your needs and wants and how much of an investment these would incur.

A strong web presence brings a substantial value to your business or professional activities. However it is difficult to quatify exactly the direct and undirect (ROI). It's up to you to determine these.

Developing a polished, dynamic website takes time and so does acquiring the necessary expertise over a number of years.

To give you an idea the majority of our web creation jobs go between $2,500 and $5,000. Our lowest invoice in the past few years has been $800 and our biggest work amounted to $27,000 over a period of a year and a half.

step by step

The Process

Don't hesitate! The first three of these steps are free and non-commital.